3d print nft

3d print nft

D modeling software with some real skin in the game, having been initially released back in 2002, and despite still being in beta stage development has progressed significantly. It’s designed to make creating 3D versions of real-life objects as effective and simple as possible.

A very useful feature is the ability to start with a static 2D sketch, which you can then build your eventual 3D model from as you progress. FreeCAD works well on Windows as well as functioning effectively as a free 3D modeling software for Mac users, and once you’ve created your model, you can seamlessly export it as an STL, OBJ, or even DXF files for other uses such as CNC.

Though designed with mechanical engineering in mind, FreeCAD complements 3D printing as complex, interesting shapes and figures can be created with relative ease — despite not being as complicated as some CAD programs on this list.

3d print nft

Another well-known example includes the first Twitter post by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, which sold for $3 million USD.

Beeple’s JPEG collage “Everyday: The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million

NFTs meet 3D printing

Adding to this, in the world of additive manufacturing, more and more it is possible to find artists who offer their works for sale on digital marketplaces like Rarible or OpenSea as NFTs. Danit Peleg is one of them. Not only is she one of the pioneers when it comes to 3D printed fashion, but she also knows how to create value for her designs using non-fungible tokens.
In an interview with her, it turns out that the young fashion designer has been thinking about how to securely document the digital process of her works in some form and make it available to others for several years now.

3d print my nft

Despite of the negativity around NFT as being bad for the planet (wasting energy by mining cryptocurrency), 3D designers and the whole world could benefit from NFT-like idea implementation for 3D files in 3D printing. Here is why.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.
NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.
Source: Wikipedia

NFT implementation for 3D objects could boost Open-source movement. One of the greatest movements we witnessed in the last two decades.

Imageneria has proven that NFTs have a role in helping eCommerce sites and manufacturers to expand their offerings.

This also has significant implications for how the world delivers consumer products. Instead of items being shipped from one side of the country (or the world) to another, 3D-printable NFT technology allows people from anywhere in the world to get their hands on the design and print the product from wherever they are.

It’s more convenient for customers, offers more opportunities for designers, and promotes more transparent and deeply sustainable supply chains by cutting out delivery processes.

This launch is just the start of the road for Imageneria and the applications of NFTs for consumer products.

Ioan Florea has created what may be the first NFT of 3D printing-related art.

3D Printed Camaro hood Parametric design Symmetric Exoskeleton 65 inches x 60 inches. Image courtesy of Ioan Florea.

Florea has taken digital images of the G-code used to 3D print the structures for his massive sculptural works, the Ford Torino and Chevy Camaro.

Both of these projects involve producing geometrically complex accoutrements that were post-processed with metal or fluorescent finishes and attached to their respective vehicles. Now, it’s possible to purchase NFT-backed digital images of the G-code behind these shapes.

“This opens up a dialog about the complexity of 3D printed NFT that includes the actual image, the STL, OBJ or 3MF format and the G-code,” said a press release from the artist.

A copy of an NFT-minted image of the G-code needed to 3D print Ioan Florea’s art.

In addition, blockchain expert Jerome de Tichey, Global Head of Client Success at Ledger and President at Ethereum France, gave us insights into the legal challenges surrounding NFTs.

What are NFTs?

Although it may seem that NFTs are still a fairly recent phenomenon, they actually emerged back in 2014/2015. But first, let’s clarify what NFTs are in the first place: NFT stands for non-fungible token, which means that they are not interchangeable.
However, in order for this uniqueness of tokens to make sense, it is first important to understand that a Non-Fungible Token has a certain value similar to other well-known forms of currency such as the Euro or Bitcoin. However, compared to Bitcoin, an NFT is not interchangeable with another NFT, they have an individual identification code and cannot be exchanged one-to-one with each other (as would be the case with Bitcoin or Euro).

Here are the other cryptocurrencies you can purchase on the OpenSea marketplace:

  • WETH
  • USDC
  • DAI.

These are the primary cryptocurrencies you can utilize to use OpenSea.

What are the payment methods for OpenSea?

OpenSea does not allow cryptocurrency exchanges on its website. You can easily purchase or trade cryptocurrency using trusted platforms with fiat money.
All you have be able to connect is your credit or Paypal for the transaction.

Does OpenSea have a desktop or mobile application?

As previously mentioned There is an official mobile app from OpenSea available for both iOS as well as Android. Install it from their app store, and you can start exploring the collection right now!

The desktop application for OpenSea that can be downloaded through WebCatalog.

This can be an item of any rareness like mint-condition baseball trading cards or a unique vinyl album.

There’s no limit on what an NFT can be since it’s a non-fungible thing that you sell online. It is simpler to simply imagine an NFT as a digital collectible that is paid for using cryptocurrency only.

Minting NFTs

Minting is like calling the shots to your NFTs. You’re claiming the ownership of the particular item that you posted to the marketplace, and you’re putting it up for sale. Usually, this becomes official once you fill out the proper information regarding the NFT and then upload it to the marketplace.

On OpenSea, it’s a simple process to mint your NFTs by visiting the store and simply making a collection to begin! Complete the correct and accurate information about your NFT and select the type of settings you’d like to use for it (e.g.

This is down to Blender being a 100% free 3D modeling software tool which is open source, giving users freedom to create just about anything with its huge range of tools.

Though it has a steeper learning curve, Blender has huge depth to it, making it one of the most complete free 3D software tools out there. This depth makes it a very versatile 3D modeling tool, with uses ranging from film VFX, video games, 3D model design, and it’s also used as a 3D design software for 3D printing.

Furthermore, Blender even comes with an integrated game engine, as well as detailed sculpting tools and video editing capabilities.

It isn’t for beginners, or probably even for intermediates, but it is an incredible free 3D modeling software that is ideal for game developers and experienced 3D modelers.


TinkerCAD — best free 3D modeling software for beginners

  • How free is it: Completely free!
  • Company based: USA
  • Accessibility: Browser-based 3D software

One of the many 3D software tools offered by 3D CAD software giant Autodesk, TinkerCAD is a deceptively deep tool. Though it looks fairly basic due to how easy it is to use, TinkerCAD has proved time and time again that it is up with the best free 3D modeling software out there for creating 3D models.

Utilizing what some might consider to be basic shapes, TinkerCAD allows you to create detailed 3D models by connecting different shapes together.

The learning curve is far shorter than some of the more in-depth 3D software out there, making TinkerCAD the perfect 3D modeling software for beginners or children.

Therefore, we created our list of the best free 3D modeling software options out there to help you find the perfect choice for you.

Some free online 3D modeling software run completely in your browser, while some need to be downloaded, but all are at least free in the short term.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a comprehensive professional 3D software ranking, click here.

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