Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Steve Jobs, 2005

Principal Data Scientist

Spear-heading the use of machine learning to revolutionize customer support.

Senior Data Scientist


At the leader in video commercial driver safety where I coded and owned the machine vision and safety rules to detect forward vehicles and warn drivers when they are following too closely for the situation at hand. My code was deployed and running in commercial trucks all over the world. I made all the dashboards and graphs (and have a cameo around the 3 minute mark) in this promotional video about our market leading ActiveVision product. I also did research in analyzing driver behaviors using deep learning and machine vision to save costs on the manual review process.

Analytics Manager


I worked in a variety of projects and a variety of roles (hands-on coding, managing overseas teams, and client-facing). One of my favorite projects was leading a team to build the credit risk score (similar to the FICO score) for a top multi-national bank. I also worked on a project at another client to predict customer conversion from a free-trial membership to a paid one. I also had fun scraping websites (including those in the deep dark web) and doing text mining to monitor all the chatter from underground extremist communications. I also applied text mining on claims notes from a leading insurance company to help improve their triage process and contracts from one of the big four auditors to see if any of the non-standard language posed a liability risk.