Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering 

Gene Pool, Caltech

Easily the most intellectually and mentally challenging times of my life. Enjoyed testing myself in the “big leagues” tremendously. My thesis was on designing and building a MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems) device that amplifies DNA using real time PCR.

UC San Diego

Master of Engineering degree in bioengineering

Geisel Library, UC San Diego

At the time, I could have never guessed that one day I would consider San Diego home. During my first time here, I signed up for the terminal (i.e. not meant to lead towards a PhD) Masters of Engineering degree because I had already made my mind that I was either getting my PhD from Caltech or going straight into industry. Enjoyed my time taking difficult classes while being in an environment where bioengineering had a history and was taken very seriously.

UC Berkeley

Bachelor of Science in bioengineering, minor in chemical engineering

Doe Library, UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley (Cal) is where I matured from a learner who absorbs information to an inquirer who questioned everything. I started needing mathematical derivations instead of memorizing equations. I also learned the most valuable tool of all: how to express a real life problem as a set of equations.

Along the way, I grew as a person through exposure to people from incredibly diverse backgrounds.

Udacity (online)

Nanodegree in Self Driving Cars 


As an old school PhD, I had my reservations on the value of an online program, but with my conviction that learning is a life long process, I went ahead and signed up for this 9 month “nanodegree” program where I learned a lot of thew newest tools used in industry. As an early adopter, I was a member of the first ever graduating class for this nanodegree.