Leadership Philosophy

I believe that business is a collection of people doing what they want for themselves in the long term. In this chaos of intentions, when two or more people find mutual benefit in cooperation, you have business. Leadership is about helping others achieve not your dreams, but theirs. Leaders must prove why they are worth following and earn the privilege to lead.

I believe trust and honesty are pivotal to leadership. Leaders must be trustworthy, but they must have trust in those they lead as well. Mistakes are ok to make, just own them and move on.

I believe great thinkers abhor being told what to do. When leading skilled thinkers in long term projects, I apply the democratic leadership style. I encourage others to share their ideas, helping them only to refine and communicate them. Except for rare occasions, I do not dictate the next step; rather, I collaborate with thinkers and debate using logic what the next step ought to be.

I believe leadership is a responsibility. Time invested in learning from one leader is time not spent learning from another. A leader must provide an excellent experience, otherwise point others to where they can learn the skills you do not have the ability to teach.

I believe leaders should act within the mindset of future judgement. One day, those you lead will themselves lead others. At that time, although I may not be around to witness, suffer any consequences, or reap any benefits, it is my wish that teachings from years past become applicable. This is lasting leadership that goes beyond your time together.