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On October 21, Horner Science Group has launched Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection. This new collection of dinosaur artworks challenges the Hollywood portrayal of dull green and brown creatures. Instead, they showcase the more bird-like features and behaviors that Jack Horner believes they had — from eye-catching colors, and bird-like sounds, to feathers and accoutrements that they used in flamboyant displays to attract mates or deter predators.

These new artworks, which are being sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are based on a collaboration between Horner and Italian Paleo artist Fabio Pastori. This blending of science and art has brought to life Jack’s theories of what dinosaurs really looked like in a range of images that form this Origin Collection.

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Our ambition is that they will not merely be collected as works of digital art, but will besides in truth shift public impression on what real dinosaur looked like. sol, in addition, Horner Science Group will besides donate 10 animate NFTs to 10 museums, skill or research centers across the globe. We want these NFT artworks to spark up consider and cheer concern, understanding and very love for dinosaurs. ” Paleo artist Pastori said : “ As person who has been working in paleo artwork for many decades, it was a capital honor to collaborate with Jack on creating these works of artwork. The way he thinks and his decades of scientific research made this a stimulate team effort for both of us.
Although I am an artist, I besides see myself as a skill communicator and that is why working with Jack has been such a fantastic experience.

Jack horner nfts

The collection is called “Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection”.

The artworks, which are to be bought in cryptocurrency Ethereum, start at 0.2 eth ($797.66) and go up to 5 eth($19,941.50). They are available on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

NFTs have taken the digital space by storm, especially in the post-pandemic world, and several key personalities across the globe have jumped the bandwagon. In India, superstar Salman Khan recently announced the launch of his NFTs on marketplace BollyCoin.
Fashion designer Manish Malhotra too launched five NFTs of digital sketches of his creations. All five have been sold, with each going for 1 $1,908.8 to $3,579.
Series. Through an open call, we are looking for ten innovative museums and science or research centres across the globe who would like to receive a complimentary ‘airdrop’ of one of our animated artworks for their own use and benefit.”

The Museum Series of 10 animated NFTs will be donated by the company to 10 museums, science or research centres across the globe. The Horner Science Group has issued an open call, asking institutions to apply if they want to get an airdrop of one of these rare digital artworks.

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection has been made possible with the support of Nolan Heimann LLP; Culture Communications Collective; Crabfood Motion Media; John Arthur Little (Science Media Producer), Clare Colley Ochoa, and Jeremy Kenisky.

Dinosaurs are becoming an increasingly popular topic for permanent and travelling exhibitions.

Yes, you can bid on it here: https://t.co/wDTscJ2htY

March 24th 2021

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“I think NFTs for science could direct some high net worth investment from art to young scientists,” Stanford Digital Economy Lab director Erik Brynjolfsson said.

Brynjolfsson predicts that scientists will soon list their original papers online and sell it as NFTs.

“Instead of buying art, high net worth investors could try to find the next Einsteins and buy an NFT of their seminal paper before it is famous,” he explained.

Some of the art NFTs have sold for millions. Imagine if this kind of money flowed into the sciences.

Take the Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example. The first set of Apes were 10,000 computer generated images and it sold for $90 million in less than an hour.
CryptoPunk 7523 sold for $11.7 million during a Sotheby’s auction.

Students committees chaired by Jack Horner have full access to both laboratories, and are encouraged to spend at least one summer in the field.

Current Graduate Students

Alida BailluelBrian BaziakDenver FowlerElizabeth FreedmanJohn ScannellaKatie TremaineCary WoodruffBadamkhatan Zorigt

Selected Publications

Horner, J.R., Goodwin, M. 2008. Ontogeny of cranial epi-ossifications in Triceratops. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 28(1):134-144.

Chinnery, B., Horner, J.R.

2007. A new neoceratopsian dinosaur linking North American and Asian taxa. Jornal of Vertebrate Paleontology 27(3):625-641.

Horner, J.R., Goodwin, M. 2006. Major cranial changes in Triceratops. Proceedings of the Royal Society (B):273:2757-2761.

Horner, J.
R, Padian, K, and Ricqles, A. de. 2005. How dinosaurs grew so large and so small.

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This NFT features unlockable content, which allows the buyer the opportunity to schedule a 45-minute interview with Horner over the next year. This series also serves as a ‘Golden Dino Ticket’ for special future 3D release perks upon the release of additional collections.

The Variation Series features seven unique variations on each of the 10 original dinosaur artworks, including a sketch series and a variety of backgrounds and other variations. (70 in total).

The White Series is a release of 100 limited editions of each of the 10 dinosaur artworks as a framed static image with a simple background.

Once you find a dinosaur you would like to purchase, you need to set up a Web3 wallet. There are a few wallets you can use. MetaMask is one option.

The purchases must be made in ethereum (ETH). Once you set up a Web3 wallet, go to OpenSea and log in using your wallet.

What can you do after you purchase the file? You own it.

You could print the dinosaur image! It would expose your child to digital art, as well alternative currency such as Ethereum, and in the process directly fund scientific research.

“The files are all 4K resolution, and having done a high resolution test print myself already, I can tell you they reproduce really well on bigger canvases.

Flipping is a loose term for buying low and selling high.

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On October 21, Horner Science Group has launched Jack Horner ’ randomness Dinosaurs – The Origin Collection. This new collection of dinosaur artworks challenges the Hollywood depicting of dull green and brown creatures. rather, they showcase the more bird-like features and behaviors that Jack Horner believes they had — from attention-getting colors, and bird-like sounds, to feathers and accoutrements that they used in royal poinciana displays to attract mates or dissuade predators . These new artworks, which are being sold as non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ), are based on a collaboration between Horner and italian Paleo artist Fabio Pastori.

This blend of skill and art has brought to life Jack ’ south theories of what dinosaurs in truth looked like in a rate of images that form this Origin Collection.
Alan Grant in the movie. As scientific advisor for the movie, Horner worked closely with Steven Spielberg in the depiction of dinosaurs.

“We knew they were wrong when we made the movie, but Spielberg didn’t want to make the dinosaurs feathered or colorful because he said they wouldn’t be scary enough,” Horner explained.

The science has moved on since the making of Jurassic Park.

Horner said the inspiration to make the dinosaurs in the NFT collection colorful and more bird-like is based on evolution.

“Dinosaurs gave rise to birds. Birds got their vivid coloration, singing and mating displays from their ancestors,” Horner added.

Good Blockchain Project for Kids

If you’re interested in a parent-child project, buying a dinosaur NFT in the Jack Horner collection could be a great starting point.

The first thing you should do is browse the collection.

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