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Create your own NFT collectibles!


Manifold Creator also enhances the standard ERC-721 and ERC-1155 specifications and passes on these advantages to creators for free.

Convenience Features

  • Batch minting

  • Admin configuration (allow team members to mint and do other things)

Royalty Specifications

  • Ability for creators to set royalties (default, per extension, and per NFT)

  • Adherence to royalties is optional based on marketplace

For developers interested in creating their own extensions, check out the initial Manifold Creator Architecture.

Hopefully this provides an idea of what’s possible, although in no way is this the final product.

Manifold studio nft

Fortune’s first-ever NFT Sale closed in a grand fashion after earning 429 Ether or over $1.3 Million. Fortune CEO Allan Murray described it as a crazy “live digital experiment.” The board set up the initiative as an experiment but given the turnout, it’s probable we’ll see more NFT Drops.

Last week, we reported that the publication giant officially joined the NFT craze.256 identical NFTs of Fortune Magazine cover and three special editions NFTs were listed and sold on OpenSea.

The Auction

The auction was actually a two-part event. First, Fortune sold a set of 256 NFTs representing the latest cover art designed by digital artist pplpleasr.

The starting bid was 1 Ether or around $3,000. The lot sold out in a few minutes.

This means that you have a choice of listing and selling NFTs using open libraries like the OpenSea SDK, or as you’ll read later, using your own marketplace.

Additionally, the Manifold Creator contract interoperates with NFTs minted from other platforms as well. As described further, Manifold Contracts are not only capable of minting NFTs, but interacting with other NFTs to create new collector experiences.

We think Pak’s ASH is a cool example of this, and believe many more to come as collectors seek novel experiences.


Finally, at the core of Manifold Creator is a powerful extension framework that allows creators to install blockchain “apps” that extend the functionality of their own creator contract.

Using extensions, creators can do much more than simply mint visual and audio NFTs.

Drops’ massive airdrops.

DAOs: Artist collectives have been leveraging our ERC-1155 contract to bootstrap DAOs and airdrop NFTs to every member of the DAO.

enemy doodle contest! 😈 get out ur pens & napkins and show us what u got, the best doodle will be gifted one of the genesis enemy NFTs

Enemies With Benefits (😈,😇)@EWBshitposts

the first Enemies With Benefits proposal passed governance by a wide margin… heading to mainnet

December 13th 2021

15 Retweets157 Likes

This are just some of the examples of how creators are leveraging Manifold Studio today.

We can’t wait to see what you will create.

One more thing…

In preparation for our public release, we’ve worked to dramatically lower the cost of deploying your own contract by over 10x, going from 0.5 ETH to less than 0.05 ETH(depending on gas prices).

Starting today Manifold Studio is open to the public.

Anyone can now deploy and own their own Manifold Creator contract and mint ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs.

Over the last two months we’ve built Manifold Studio and created a unique experience with a seamless user interface that requires zero coding that we want to share with the world.

What can you build with Manifold Studio?

Dynamic NFTs: When you have the keys to your very own smart contracts, you have the ability to mint dynamic NFTS. When you mint a token with Manifold Creator, you can adjust and change your artwork anytime. For instance, Alpha Centauri Kid released “till death do us part” a piece which will change as long as he is alive.

Ce package offre aux utilisateurs un nombre illimité de frappes sur Polygon. D’autre part, les utilisateurs devront toujours payer des frais de gaz sur Ethereum pour utiliser leurs contrats intelligents. De plus, NiftyKit prend 5% des ventes primaires une fois que les utilisateurs retirent leurs revenus via le contrat intelligent.

Générateur d’art NFT : créez des collections NFT génératives sans codage requis

NFT Art Generator vous permet de créer des calques, d’importer vos ressources artistiques et de créer des collections NFT génératives entières. Il gère à peu près tout, vous permettant de sélectionner des raretés pour des traits et des groupes de traits, de modifier les métadonnées de votre collection et de prévisualiser les œuvres d’art générées.

Il a même une version gratuite pour jusqu’à 100 actifs.

Fans will have the opportunity to purchase 84 of the NFTs and will receive a physical replica of the 1985 season pin and a pair of Lower-Level tickets to the 2021-22 Opening Night game.

All purchases and bids will require a MetaMask Wallet and an OpenSea account to participate and only Ethereum will be accepted. For more information and to purchase, visits

Since becoming the first NBA team to accept Bitcoin in 2014, the Kings have been at the forefront of incorporating blockchain technology across the business. In 2020, the team launched the NBA’s first Live blockchain-powered auction platform for authentic memorabilia with Consensys and Treum.

NFT artist with total rights over their creation, but also includes tools to adapt the NFT to new purposes.

Making the Web 3 jump

The artist pplpleasr and Fortune, for example, used Manifold to create a special sub-set of NFTs related to the magazine’s iconic NFT cover. Using the service’s smart contract tools, they arranged it so that buyers who possessed certain addresses would receive an enhanced version of pplpleasr’s art—while anyone who took possession without those addresses would receive a stripped-down version.

In an interview with Decrypt, Manifold’s Eric Diep said he and his cofounders’ aim is to let artists transcend the so-called Web 2 model in which a centralized platform retains final control of a piece of content—a system that means the artist must rely on the platform not to remove the content or harm its integrity.

As a result, collectors can be assured the NFTs they purchase are 100% genuine, backed by the creator. As an example, here’s Mad Dog Jones’ first self-minted NFT on the blockchain. The token ID? 1, of course! (Also note total network cost to mint = $25 bucks; total platform fees = $0).

As NFT creators and collectos grow in sophistication, true provenance is a feature high quality creators and collectors care about.


Manifold Creator contract is based on the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.

As such, all NFTs minted with Manifold Creator are recognized on all open NFT marketplaces, including those like OpenSea.

NFTs minted using Manifold Creator work seamlessly with all existing open NFT platforms.

The three founders have extensive experience in gaming and a dedication to creating protocols that work for both specific NFT artists and the entire web3 community, which a16z was highly impressed by.

Find out more about Manifold Here

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After months of working closely with our favorite creators, we’re excited to share our vision for Manifold Creator, a creator-owned minting smart contract, and more.

Collaborating with artists like Mad Dog Jones (REPLICATOR), Pak (ASH), FVCKRENDER (Sotheby’s Auction), we learned three key aspects that a creator-centric minting contract should feature:

  1. Authenticity — true provenance for creators,

  2. Interoperability — works with existing ERC-721/1155 NFT platforms, and

  3. Extensibility — unique, creator-approved NFT applications

And of course, the smart contract should be open source and free to use.

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