New solana nft drop

The physical artwork will include a certificate, a unique box and the ability to remove his head.

Similarly, the collection offers lucky buyers a 1-10 chance to win a ticket for a private concert. The concert featuring Snoop Dogg will take place in Los Angeles. You can learn more about the exclusive collaboration by joining its Discord.

Snoop Dogg’s partnership with Babolex is not the first time the famous rapper has dabbled in NFTs. The renowned artist has bought land in The Sandbox and revealed himself to be a crypto personality Cozomo de’ Medici.

As a result, the singer is well versed in the world of cryptocurrency and NFT, with the performer amassing a fortune in online currency.

New solana nft drops

OpenSea shows about $930,000 worth of secondary trading so far.

Granted, that’s still a fraction of how much an Okay Bears NFT costs on Solana: the cheapest available on leading Solana marketplaceMagic Edenis listed for 243 SOL, or $13,400. An NFT acts like a deed of ownership to an item, and often represents things like digital artwork, profile pictures, and collectibles.

woot! we did it!

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Okay Bears has yet to publicly comment on the launch of Not Okay Bears, let alone whether it plans to do anything about the project—such as, for example, issuing a DMCA takedown notice to marketplaces.

New solana nft drop

Holders of the NFT will get free airdrops, special perks for the 2nd generation Meta Ape Gang NFTs, breeding opportunity, metaverse integration plus IRL utilities such as discounts at hotels, tickets, activities, and more.

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9) Solmemes: Upcoming Project On Solana With High-Quality Portraits Of Women

Launched on 12 March 2022, Solmeme’s is an upcoming collection of 2D, high-quality portraits of women with different traits such as headwear, weapons, clothing, etc. These comic-styled NFTs got priced at 1 SOL each, and the NFT holders can get access to the Solmeme Comics, action figures that are available with props, gears plus weapons, as well as events with guests speakers and contests/prizes.

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Before investing in NFTs, you need to consider the rarity of your NFT. You can use the online tool to check the rarity of your NFT. has provided all the tools and resources to make your NFT journey easier.

New solana nft drop-d

Solana offers the extraordinary investor entry to the NFT world, tearing down boundaries to entry with its basement-low fuel charges and easy-to-use interface. For enjoyable, I even purchased the beneath Ape from the BASC to quell my dissatisfaction from the Yuga Lab fallout.
The charges I paid had been a fraction of a cent, and your entire course of couldn’t have contrasted extra with the ultra-exclusive BAYC counterparts on Ethereum.

Instagram and Coinbase

This week additionally introduced the information that Meta-owned Instagram is to check a characteristic permitting customers to show NFTs as their profile photos. Meta confirmed that whereas the preliminary check launch is proscribed to Ethereum and Polygon, Solana is to be added at a later date.

New solana nft drop-g

BASC even turned verified on OpenSea, seeing quantity and flooring value rocket shortly afterwards.

Final month, following the chaos of the Otherside launch from Yuga Labs, the creator of BAYC, I wrote right here about how unique the Ethereum NFT world had turn out to be. It felt like a Bored Ape 1% Membership, as sky-high costs and onerous fuel charges priced extraordinary buyers out from getting concerned.

The focus of wealth within the NFT house was getting worryingly excessive, whereas the centralisation of the house was an actual concern – Yuga Labs have the highest three collections on OpenSea and likewise personal the IP rights to CryptoPunks, to not point out their tweets final month that they need to begin their very own blockchain.

New solana nft dropdead

You can mint 10 NFTs per wallet, each collectible at 1.5 SOL.

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2) Solmemes: Upcoming Solana Drop With Meme Concept.

Solmemes NFTs represent the underdogs, memes, artists, poets, musicians, and talented individuals today and tomorrow. According to the NFT team, these collectibles uphold art, comics, jokes, music, and animations.
Thanks to their fun and retro-dotted designs, they are vibrant, bold, and jump out of the screen!

As a Solmemes NFT holder, you can look forward to extraordinary experiences with the MEME TV chatrooms, where you can share a laugh with your favorite artists and creators. And if you like some video games on the side, Solmemes Thunderbird is a great game! More ambitious projects like the Solmemes’ Army Comic Covers, Gi Joe-style Army action figures, 90s tabletop pog game, and the Meme U community.

Blue Chip NFTs in the Solana ecosystem have been gathering serious attention over the past few weeks most notably the PFP project OKAY Bears which has rocketed from 11.1/SOL Floor price on the 24th of April to a Floor of now 239/SOL. It should definitely be noted that the price of $SOL has dropped since the 24th of April from $101 to now $58.

That being said if we denominate the OKAY Bear’s growth in just 22 days in Dollar value they have rallied from $1,121 to $13,862. I am sure we can agree, that regardless of the drop in $SOL price, it’s serious growth.

We think the new interest and volumes being witnessed in the Solana NFT Ecosystem can be attributed to firstly Opensea opening up the ability to list, buy & sell Solana based NFTs on the 6th of April, this has then drawn attention from investors who are used to spending 2-5+ ETH on NFTs to dip their toe in the Solana waters..

PsyCamelsNFT My new NFTs public address and account on opensea –

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To get informed of new NFTs first, be actively involved in the project or artist’s social media, and subscribe to their newsletters and streaming channels. The details included in an NFT drop will be the exact date and time along with the minting price and maximum amount that can be minted.

Best NFT Drops – Top List

As well as closely following NFT artist social media channels, there are various NFT calendars online for new NFTs that you can browse.
We’ve also curated a list of the best upcoming NFT drops to watch out for:

1. Lucky Block NFTs

The Lucky Block crypto lottery projected dropped a collection of new NFTs on March 19th, 2022, called the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club.

NFTs are taking the internet by storm. Artists and art lovers are eagerly waiting for the latest NFT drops. Staying up to date about upcoming NFT projects seems pretty demanding but it shouldn’t be.
NFT calendar Solana is now available for the public to learn more about the exact release date and other details about NFT projects. is a secure and advanced platform that helps the audience with the most relevant information related to NFT projects. Get the latest and authentic insights about upcoming NFT drops with NFT calendar Solana.Upcoming NFTs Drops on Solana

Solana is a new type of decentralized knowledge storage system, built on the Ethereum network, which provides reliable information about upcoming crypto-based technology events, conferences & launches, etc.

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