Nft belugies

Abigail and her brother also defined how rare certain traits were amongst Belugies.

“We picked out that the fur coats were going to be like 0.1% rarity,” Adam said.

There were also 20 “legendaries”, which were completely custom and contained no traits.

The 8,000 Belugies are then placed in a zip folder with their metadata. This is uploaded to a decentralized storage solution called Arweave for a cost of around $5,300. This is then leveraged by the developer when building a personal NFT shop on solana through Candy Machine.

The final step is to hit mint when the sale is ready to go live. The artwork was made accessible to buy on Alpha Art, which is part of the solana ecosystem.

Nft belugies

In addition, the Belugies Twitter, created in August 2021, now has over 15K followers and the Discord server has almost 6.5K members.

The Belugies NFTs were released in October, and all 8,000 whales sold out in just 10 hours. The original price was 0.8 SOL (at the time of writing this article, 1 SOL is equal to $90), but the floor price has now come down to 0.27 SOL on Solanart.

Abigail and her team posed the collection on Alpha Art, and it is now available on Solanart, FTX.US, and Magic Eden. You can also purchase Belugies from the team’s own Belugies Market marketplace.

Abigail chose Solana as the blockchain for her NFTs because it is one of the more eco-friendly blockchains.

Belugies nft solana

Curiosamente, cuando se convirtieron, el precio de 0.8 SOL era de alrededor de $160.

Donación de fondos y bajada de precio en SOL

Inmediatamente después de ese momento, Abigail y Adam donaron $ 200,000 a Sunshine Kids, una organización para niños con cáncer y otra organización sin fines de lucro que ayuda a las ballenas beluga. Con mucho entusiasmo, lo llevaron a Twitter diciendo: «Lo hicimos».

En particular, se descubrió que el precio de cada Belugies NFT en el mercado secundario se depreció a 0,27 SOL con la cotización de 7200 SOL. Sin embargo, en la reventa, el equipo recibió regalías del 5%.

Belugies nft price

Solana’s native SOL cryptocurrency boomed in value throughout August and into early September.

Buyers of Belugie art can view their purchases in the phantom wallet app and on the Solana marketplace once they have integrated the contract, ZyCrypto reported.

Abigail claims the artwork was motivated by her passion for animals, creativity, and marine life — particularly the endangered Beluga whale. The collection is described by Abigail as the “oh-so cutest collection of hand-illustrated, algorithmically generated NFTs available on the Solana.”

The high school freshman plans to donate 10% of the profits from her primary and secondary NFT sales to beluga whale conservation organizations, and another 10% to Sunshine Kids Foundation, a children’s hospital program.

Belugies nft marketplace

Según reportó CoinDesk, después de enterarse de la donación, la Alianza de Ballenas Beluga llevó a Abigail, Adam y Briana a Alaska para ver a las belugas de cerca en su hábitat natural.

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Belugies nft twitter

Through this process, they collected 8000 pictures that were all unique.

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Beluga NFT was Sold on Alpha Art NFT marketplace

Abigail offered up the NFT for sale directly on the Alpha Art NFT marketplace. The starting price for the NFT Belugies started at 0.8 SOL in the bid.

Once the post went live, all tokens were purchased within a few minutes.

Surprisingly, at the time of the conversion, 0.8 SOL was equivalent to $160.

In the moments following, Abigail and Adam made charitable donations.

Belugies nft abigail

Like what does that money go toward? What does it actually help out with?”

Abigail donated another $50,000 to Ocean Defenders Alliance, a California-based organization. An additional $100,000 went to a nonprofit for kids with cancer.

NFTs are still a new technology, and they’ve come under fire for being bad for the environment. That’s because the online currency that’s used to buy and sell NFTs, called cryptocurrency, has an enormous carbon footprint, due to the computers used to back it.

Abigail and Adam say they’re trading with a cryptocurrency that is more environmentally friendly than its counterparts, called Solana.

Steinert’s excited about the worldwide community Abigail’s created around beluga whale conservation.

Belugies nft rarity

Otro 10% irá para la Sunshine Kids Foundation, un hospital para niños.

El valor de las ilustraciones de PeachSunday, cuyo nombre real es Abigail, ha superado por mucho al de la colección Weird Whales, inspirada también en las ballenas y creada por un niño de 12 años llamado Benyamin Ahmed, que consiguió 290.000 libras durante el pasado agosto.


Locura total por esta colección

Los compradores de estas belugas pueden admirar estas piezas de arte, que solamente les pertenecen a ellos y no hay ninguna otra en el mundo, a través de la pantalla. También pueden optar por revenderlas y aprovechar el tirón de esta colección, que ha ido aumentado de precio poco a poco.

Belugies nft mint price

Costs to set up the project included developer fees and legal fees to ensure they complied with any US securities laws and technology costs, such as the domain and website.

Solana ecosystem

“We chose solana because it’s more eco-friendly and a bunch of people can use it at a time,” Abigail said. ” … 40,000 transactions per second, which is crazy.”

Her brother adds that the gas fees are relatively much cheaper than ethereum’s right now, which makes the project more accessible to the broad range of individuals they are targeting.

But using the solana ecosystem also brought challenges, which future NFT creators need to be aware of.

The Belugies team cycled through five developers during this process.

Los hermanos prefirieron mantener su apellido en el anonimato.

Cuando comenzamos, realmente no pensamos que funcionaría.Le dije a mi hermana: ‘Oye, si no funciona, al menos lo intentamos, al menos nos divertimos. Eso es todo lo que importa.

La inspiración de “Belugies“, por otro lado, surgió de fascinación de Abigail por los animales, la vida marina, y en particular por las belugas, una especie de cetáceos en peligro de extinción. La joven relató al medio que se había encantado con las belugas después de verlas en un acuario de Georgia, cerca de donde creció.
Ella además dijo que la idea del proyecto era crear conciencia sobre la especia y la conservación de los océanos a la vez que generaba algo de dinero para la causa.

La serie de coleccionables se puede encontrar en el mercado descentralizado de NFT de Solana, Solanart.

We’ve been operating at a pretty grassroots level but this will really help contribute to the sustainability of our baseline operations funding and also scale up our operations, too, to have more of an impact.”

The nonprofit works on conservation efforts for Cook Inlet’s endangered belugas. It’s part of the Beluga Monitoring Partnership, which enlists Alaskans to count belugas on the shores of Cook Inlet to help researchers understand why the population isn’t rebounding.

Abigail and Adam did some of their own beluga observing when they visited Alaska and hand-delivered their donation.

“It inspired so many ideas. We haven’t stopped thinking and collaborating. Our community wants to see stuff that’s tangible,” Abigail said.

Belugies nft

As a matter of fact, everything has changed.

As per the report, Abigail, a 14-year-old adolescent, claims to have earned $1 million in less than a day for building a Belugies NFT mostly in the United States.

Belugies NFT Inspiration

When the youngster saw Beluga Whale in person at the city’s aquarium, he decided to create a collection of about 8,000 NFT pictures.

Abigail learned about NFT from the ground up thanks to her 25-year-old brother Adam, He explained her what is NFT and how NFT technology works.

When asked her what device was used to create all these NFT she said “Almost all of Belugies NFT drawings were created on an iPhone 8 since the beginning”.

Afterwards, her brother developed a script to create decorations for the Beluga Whales.

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