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Going into the Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord group, which had 15,000 members active in the group at the time of this writing, is also worth it for their announcements. Why did Bored Ape Yacht Club pop off in 2021? There are a lot of reasons, which I broke down here, but the announcements section (scroll back through its history) showed what the creators did to bring additional value to the NFT project and how it evolved into a brand.

Because it is a successful project, the General chat section is pretty lively and you can jump in and join the conversation. I’ve also seen people ask technical questions in the group and there are members who offer to help.

Discord Link —

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Nft cook groups

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According to Raju, OneRare is less interested in the investability of NFTs and more in how exchanging them can facilitate more virtual and real-world connections. “Not everybody has the capability to create a collectible and cause demand for it,” Raju says. “I can see that already building up [among early crypto adopters], where people are beginning to draw up use cases for NFT — they act as access tokens, concert tickets, or entry to a special club.”

“Some chefs see NFTs as a way to celebrate their culinary journeys,” Raju says of their growing appeal. “It gives them more of an ability to reach global audiences and they can use it to create social impact.” But more importantly, she believes, the isolation of the past two years has taught us how important it is to share experiences, even when virtual spaces are the only option.

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Soon afterward, the restaurant’s owners announced plans to turn the now-iconic image into an NFT. Bros’ chef Floriano Pellegrino told the New York Times that he saw the NFT sale as “a big opportunity” from all the publicity generated from DeRuiter’s review.
The image is still widely available online, so it’s unclear, besides the obvious PR grab, why there’s a need to authenticate a digital version of it.

But if foodies are willing to line up for hours to buy a Cronut, some creators argue, why wouldn’t they get in line for a limited-edition NFT of one? The psychological impetus for wanting to acquire a scarce NFT isn’t all that different from the obsession with “scoring a rez” from a restaurant that’s impossible to get into.

Flyfish, of course, has multiple opportunities to make money off each token purchase: It profits from initial sales, takes a fee on secondary sales, and charges members for dining in the club, all while engineering the scarcity of its NFTs as a way of sustaining demand. Nonetheless, Rodolitz and his partners believe there’s value in offering membership as a one-time purchase rather than a subscription.

But a restaurant staying open for an extended period of time is not a guarantee, even in non-pandemic times.
For Flyfish Club, failure might translate into several thousand worthless JPEGs of cute tropical fish and sushi. But the NFT trend means people are still buying: Flyfish Club won’t officially launch until 2023, but its initial tranches of membership NFTs, capped at 3,000 total, have already sold out.

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On paper, the total proceeds from these sales would surpass a half million dollars, which, any way you slice it, is a lot of extra cheese.

On a basic level, NFTs are a record on the blockchain, the rapidly expanding web of decentralized digital ledgers where cryptocurrency transactions are recorded. Each record is an irreplicable digital receipt that can be issued for almost anything.
And in recent months, non-fungible tokens have emerged as a new way to define ownership in a digital world — buyers have been snapping up NFTs of everything from specific clips of NBA basketball dunks to silly renderings of bored apes. In simple terms, an NFT signifies that its holder has exclusive ownership of something in the virtual world — a digital image to place in their Twitter avatars, for example.

Amanda Mull wrote recently for The Atlantic about the embarrassing spectacle of Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon “uninterestedly cooing” about their Bored Ape NFTs on Fallon’s late-night talk show. “With NFTs,” Mull writes, “America may have reached the logical extreme of celebrity endorsements.”


NFTs, the Digital Bits of Anything That Sell for Millions of Dollars, Explained

The relationship between restaurants and celebrities has always been symbiotic, so it’s unsurprising to see chefs join the NFT circus. When food writer Geraldine DeRuiter’s recent piece describing her tragicomic experience in the Michelin-starred Bros’ Restaurant in Lecce went viral, an image of one of the dishes she panned — a plaster mold of the chef’s mouth filled with edible foam dripping from its lips — was shared millions of times.

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(1) CryptoPunks Discord

Source: Discord

Many 2021 NFT success stories started with a person going into the CryptoPunks Discord to learn from early adopters of NFTs who understand digital scarcity.

CryptoPunks was the first major NFT project to go off in 2021 even though the assets were originally given away for free in 2017.

Only CryptoPunk holders can chat in the group, so there’s a downside in that you can’t participate and ask questions, but reading the chats is educational.

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We picked Cardano for various reasons, beeple nft sold for millions director of Pulp Fiction—arguably one of the most decorated movies in history. Looking to hire an NFT content writer or NFT copywriter for your white paper, nft art market analysis is releasing exclusive NFTs. The document explicitly states that this does not mean tethers were fully backed at any other time—or are now, beeple nft sold for millions unfettered capitalism is why people are poor. Not only have the number of NFTs on the market grown substantially, beeple nft sold for millions it’s not going to help them.
What do you even do with an nft starting with this article, I came of age in the hoity-toity world of high-end art.

Which Nfts Are Worth Buying 2022

Nft companies hiring – nft price most expensive

We are here to help you, TV.

These references and the artist’s background in NFTs drew in a crowd of NFT vets, which puts you in a perfect position to interact and connect with people.

Discord Link —

(7) Azuki

Source: Discord

Azuki is a relatively new project that is currently at an 8.69 ETH floor with over 67,000 in ETH volume traded. However, what’s fascinating about this project is that it seemed to attract a new audience.

When the project first started gaining steam, the Discord members weren’t talking about the floor price (which is unusual).

They were talking about the art, they were making derivatives for fun, they were talking about anime, they were talking about how this was their first NFT.

There was a genuine interest in the project and in NFTs, which is unique for this space.

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