Nft podcasts

Despite the fact that their most recent episodes are around 2,30 minutes long, the presenters (also known as Zeneca in the NFT universe), Jamie and Roy, will ensure that you enjoy the program from beginning to end.

8. Project LB52 Podcast

If you like music and NFT, you should listen to Dan The Lost Boy’s Project LB52 Podcast. Join Dan as he reveals the process of designing and delivering his first Custom Song NFT project. Each episode introduces the Project LB52 NFT and explores the structure and benefits of owning one of his NFTs.

9. Zima Red

The Zima Red podcast is presented by Andrew Steinworld. He is a managing partner of Stermion, a digital media firm that raised $100 million for the Metaverse project. This podcast explores virtual worlds, digital assets, and anything else linked to NFT.


Nft podcasts

The three hosts, Chamber, Bunchu, and Dez, discuss the state of the market, the biggest news, recent launches, and what they’ve each been up to in the NFT market. Sometimes they bring on guests from the industry as well.

The podcast is a part of dGEN Network, a media company with several high-quality podcasts on crypto and NFTs. They also have a large catalog of articles written by the team or community members.
You’ll find a lot of my writings there as well.

NFT Catcher Podcast

NFT Catcher Podcast is another member of the dGEN Network family and one that I look forward to every week.

Nft podcasts for beginners

Standout episode:“Who Owns That?” is about to become a social norm

Notable quote: “For me, it feels like a sea change — the blockchain, the digitalization of all goods, the way music is distributed, books, the way art and collectibles are sold. … People want that social currency. It is a wild wild West of sorts, even though you do have the ledger technology and the ability to understand where transactions are taking place.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

10. The Blockchain Show

Host: Ethan Kinderknecht

Podcast:The Blockchain Show on Apple Podcasts

Snapshot: The Blockchain Show just hit 200 episodes last week with its weekly entries that try to demystify cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies.

Nft podcasts on spotify

The duo releases new episodes every few days and has released a total of 35 episodes to date.

While ​​Jaime is an artist and NFT collector, Zeneca is a popular NFT influencer and advisor. Actually, Zeneca has dropped his own NFT, called “ZenAcademy”, which functions as a membership to his private Discord server. The community aims to encourage each other to share, create, and build.
Last month, he alsodonated 11.11 ETH to support Ukraineon behalf of ZenAcademy. More recently, he launched an NFT course on ‘How to launch an NFT project’ to raise money for war-torn Ukraine.

2. Edge Of NFT

TheEdge Of NFTpodcast explores both the business and human elements of NFTs.
It is at once fun and shares insights about the technical sides of the industry.

Nft подкаст

Camila manages to snag some fascinating guests on a regular basis.

Standout episodes:

• “Blockchains are Adding Property Rights to the Internet”: Kayvon Tehranian

• “Collector DAOs Are Going to be a Game-Changer For The NFT Space”: pplpleasr

8. Zero Knowledge

Hosts: Anna Rose and Fredrik Harryson

Podcast:Zero Knowledge episodes

Snapshot: Now, I have to tell you this has become one of my favorite podcasts (they’re up to 182 episodes), but beware, you’d better have your big boy britches on. Anna and Fredrik, who both work in the blockchain industry, take deep forays down assorted rabbit holes, but it’s all quite illuminating for those who want to get up to speed on the inner workings of the space.

Best nft podcasts

I refer to them as a higher technical quality NFT — zero to do with the quality of the art, but from a technical perspective, I think it is an irrefutable fact that it is a higher quality NFT [that can be around for decades or centuries].” – Art Blocks founder Erick (aka Snowfro)

2. Bankless

Hosts: Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman

Podcast:Bankless podcast

Snapshot: I started in on Bankless early in 2021 and quickly realized this is the definitive, authoritative source of info on all things DeFi. What I like is that Ryan and David are not just completely at ease with the often dense subject matter but they don’t talk above our heads.

Best nft podcasts for beginners

With 119 episodes in the collection, Eathan Janney dives deep into the NFT market trends and explores the numerous upcoming possibilities. Therefore, if you face any problem analyzing market behavior, Edge of NFT is the best NFT podcast to solve your issue.


  • Discusses different due-diligence techniques


  • Predictions about the market trend can go wrong as well

Join Edge Of NFT here

4) The Nifty Show – World’s First NFT Podcast

With its first episode aired in 2020, The Nifty Show is an exclusive platform to access special mantras by NFT pioneers themselves. Hosting one episode every week, The Nifty Show has reached millions of people and educated them about the different crux that defines the NFT procedure.

Best nft podcasts reddit

They discuss trending NFT news, the latest drops, and more, and also invite guests like xtremetom from Cool Cats.

Edge of NFT

In Edge of NFT, Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Josh Kriger explore both the business and human elements of NFTs.

They interview industry leaders and go into in-depth discussions. They’ve had notable guests like Steve Aoki, The Sandbox co-founder Sébastien Borget, and Solana’s Matt Sorg.

Wanting to expand the NFT ecosystem and already have nearly 120 episodes.

The Mint Condition

The Mint Condition is another gDEN podcast. It is weekly and reviews the latest trends and news about everything NFT.

Chamber, Bunchu, and Dez host it.

Best nft podcasts on spotify

A perfect hub for mature investors, NFT Catcher Podcast, is a delight to listen to.

Recently they revealed a major $34mn blunder in the NFT industry which was missed out by a majority of the audiences. Therefore, visit their channel and explore such amazing content as they update it regularly.


  • Exciting news on industry scams
  • Available on Apple Podcast Platforms


  • Long Podcast sessions

7) Two Bored Apes NFT Podcast– A World Of Observation

Unveiling the great knowledge, Two Bored Apes is hosted by two friends often referred to as Jaime Musings and Zeneca in the metaverse. Their smart conversation covers every exciting topic in the NFT industry.

Best nft podcasts 2022

It is light-hearted yet insightful, which is great for newcomers to the NFT world.

NFTs for Newbies

As its name tells, NFTs for Newbies is an NFT podcast for newcomers; surprisingly, it is hosted by two NFT newbies themselves: Heather Parady and Rich Cardona.

If you have no idea how to go about the NFT industry, this podcast is for you. It takes the listeners through all the basics without getting jargony. The hosts are podcast pros, so they know how to keep an audience listening.


NFT365 is the first ever daily NFT podcast.

It is hosted by Brian Fanzo, keynote speaker and Web 3 visionary.

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