Nft top artists

It’s important to note she also collaborated with her brother on the project. It’s several animated NFTs that feature a cherub with wings wielding a spear set with varying surreal elements using 3D imagery.

9. 3LAU ($11,600,000)

3LAU is a world-renowned EDM producer and performer. He’s one of the biggest names in the music industry and a pioneer in the NFT space. On February 25-28 2022, 3LAU sold $11-million in 24 hours. His NFT titled Ultraviolet, a unique album with only 33 NFTs made, sold out. The top bidder collaborated with 3LAU on a brand new single, which was made into their own NFT. Now, fans can enjoy and even own a stake in 3lau’s songs in new and unique ways. He was named CoinTelegraph’s 93rd most notable person on the blockchain in 2022.

Nft top artists

His work is surreal and dynamic, which helped him sell 1,567 NFT coding art for an average of $9,063 apiece.

Mad Dog Jones became the world’s most expensive Canadian artist and auctioned his first cryptographic work of art at Phillips. His unique digital work of art, Replicator, produces a new NFT every 28 days or a new NFT every month – more or less like a traditional copier.
Ultimately, the buyer can have up to 220 unique NFTs, each of which is an NFT worth reselling in the secondary market.

With real names as Michah Dowbak, Dowbak’s artistic foray as Mad Dog Jones is primarily digital, although he has worked in many media and formats throughout his career. From music to sculpture, there is no particular pathway to his artistic possibilities.


Top nft artists 2021

Greg Mike

Aside from Fewocious, another surrealist and pop artist has landed on our charts—Greg Mike. He’s a seller of blockchain-minted copies of thecontent that has never been seen before.

Mike’s signature work “Vintage Cartoons” sold a total of 2,221 pieces. Meanwhile, “Mad Cans Master Set (50 Cans)” is his highest-selling sale at $80,000.

Micah Johnson

The basketball player turned artist Micah Johnson sold over 1,534 at $2,376 per piece.

His highest recorded sale at $400,762 is “The Vault.” This piece shows a sculpture of Aku (Moon god) locked in a tangible vault at the Art Angels Gallery.

What’s best about Johnson’s art? He’s different from his NFT counterparts, working with physical sculptures and having exclusive access to the temperature-controlled vault. Moreover, the artist can resell and reprice visiting rights anytime he likes.

Top nft artists 2022

XCOPY | Notable Works: Right-click and Save As guy, All Time High In The City

Total NFT Value:$90,024,872.89 NFTs Sold:9,543 Highest Sale:$4,896,324.40 Average Sale Price: $9,433.60

Rounding out the top five is a favorite of the NFT community, XCOPY. Like all of the artists on this list, the anonymous XCOPY had been cutting their teeth in digital art long before NFTs came along.

Notably, the artist has some major NFT influencers in his collector base, including Cozomo de’ Medici and Punk 6529.

XCOPY’s work generally follows an almost nightmarish theme, featuring skulls and strobe lighting. Most recently the famous NFT artist made headlines for his open edition collection on Nifty Gateway, Max Pain. The collection made a mind-blowing $23 million in just 10 minutes.


Top nft artists on instagram

Nelvannazara – Simple NFT Collectibles

Nelvannazara’s work is seriously fantastic for the price. This was one of the cheapest gigs I could find, and I was really happy with the finished artwork. Plus they gave me full commercial usage rights, three versions of the character, and source files on handover.

One thing to bear in mind with this seller is that he’s usually pretty busy – I had to follow up with him a few times after we sent our initial brief.

This is a good rule of thumb anyway, but I’d make sure you’ve got a super detailed brief for Nelvannazara to save you going back and forth over details.

Top nft artists in india

If you are someone who is looking to jump onto the NFT bandwagon, then we have laid down a list of the top NFT artists you can look out for.

1. PAK

This is an anonymous yet perhaps the most enigmatic NFT creator in 2022.

Pak, owned by Murat Pak, is a well-known name in the digital space known primarily for adopting a clean geometric style. The NFT creator has managed to keep their identity secret to drive maximum attention to their art.

Although the name was unknown until now, Artist Pak made headlines for selling 266,455 shares of an NFT for a whopping $92 million on a Nifty gateway.

This NFT was none other than the Merge Collection, which implemented a novel NFT mechanism. Murat Pak had originally hinted at this project way back in June 2020.
And none of the 28,000 investors and art fans was left disappointed


Top nft artists on twitter

One of their most famous collections represents the artist’s life between the ages of 14 and 18 as he began to understand his gender identity, transitioned, and moved from Las Vegas to Seattle.

With about $28 million in sales and an average selling price of $9,000, the crypto artist ranks 11th in terms of total value sold. That said, Victor’s lively social media presence and unique style have made him one of the fastest-growing artists in the space.

He’s also the youngest artist to have sold work through Christie’s auction house.

#5. Fvckrender

Fred Duquette, better known as Fvckrender, is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in geometric architectural artwork.
He is known for futuristic landscapes and crystalline arrangements.

Top nft artists in the world

But despite being anonymous, he has produced digital artworks for two long decades. The artist has also been recognized by the notable Elon Musk and has sold 1,691 works averaging $9,354 per work.

Pak’s highest-selling 12-second video artwork is the “Metarift.” It depicts a six-sphered structure that turns opposite to each other.

Metarift sold for $900,072 and the artist also partnered with Sotheby for a global NFT auction.

Mad Dog Jones

The Canadian-born artist, Mad Dog Jones, is known for weaving music and art together. His works are surreal and dynamic, allowing him to sell 1,567 NFT crypto arts that average $9,063 per piece.

“Boardwalk” is Mad Dog’s best and highest-selling piece.

It’s a drawn scene in a certain metropolis that’s presented in a 43-second video.

Those NFTs feature animated geometric shapes “walking” across a variety of surfaces.

The colors of the collection vary between NFTs, but tend to be more muted colors, with only a few appearing in each artwork. Even so, Lord shows tremendous range in his work as shown by the Octo Garden collection that comes from the non-curated Factory section of Art Blocks Factory.


Monica Rizzolli | Notable Works: Fragments of An Infinite Field

Total NFT Value: $29,972,304.82 NFTs Sold: 1,026 Highest Sale: $29,268.07 Average Sale Price: $29,212.77

Last but certainly not least, is Monica Rizzolli.

1. Grahamfluber – Super-Affordable NFT Collectibles

Right from the get go, Grahamfluber was fantastic to work with. I inquired if he had space to take on a Basic gig for me, and he responded within 10 minutes. Despite saying he was busy, he sent me an offer later that day with an estimated four-day delivery time.

To my surprise, he delivered the project within 24 hours, and the artwork fit my brief perfectly. He sent source files for the base character, layered assets, and a few pre-generated high-resolution JPGs of the base character with the assets applied.

Not only is this freelancer super easy to work with, but he’s great value for money. I didn’t have to order any revisions (although I was pleased to see he offers unlimited revisions for all gigs).

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