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  • What is the SLP split between the scholar and the other parties?
  • When and how are earnings paid?
  • How supportive, active and friendly is the guild’s community?
  • What is the ratio of owners/managers to scholars?
  • Ratio of Axies owned to Axies available for rent?
  • Where is the location of the guild and its members?
  • How levelled up are the Axies available to rent?

How to be a good Axie Infinity scholar

To be selected as a scholar for a guild, and then to maintain that position, there are a couple of tactics you can take.

  1. First and foremost, you need to be good at the game and dedicate the time required to fulfil the expectations of the guild.

In July, asingle rare Axie monster sold for 369 ether, worth over $800,000 at time of sale. Arare plot of land in the game sold for 550 ether($2.5 million) despite the fact that the gameplay features using in-game land are not yet available.

However, some big problems have emerged inAxie Infinity: Thevalue of an in-game currency called Smooth Love Potions (SLP) crashedfrom last summer’s high, above $0.40, to a value of around $0.01 in January 2022, lower than its price a year earlier when few people had heard of NFTs and the game itself had only about 50,000 active players.
This is a big problem forAxie Infinity, because the object of the game is “playing to earn” and SLP is the currency you earn by playing. As a result of plunging values, the volume of transactions for Axie assetsmay have fallen as much as 70percent from its peak in just a couple of months.

Nearly all the game’s rewards are paid in SLP. This is a fancy way of saying it’s an in-game currency like gold inWorld of Warcraftor bells inAnimal Crossing.

Players earn SLP from winning battles against other players in the game’s arena mode and for clearing levels filled with computer-controlled enemies in adventure mode. Every player can earn 100 SLP each day from adventure mode and an additional 50 SLP for completing a daily quest which requires completing some adventure levels and winning some arena games.

Above that threshold, more SLP can be earned from winning arena matches, andthe amount of SLP awarded for an arena win variesdepending on how highly-ranked the player is.

Liquid, a Japanese exchange, also suffered an attack at the hands of North Korean-linked hackers resulting in a loss of approximately $97 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Arnold dated North Korea’s cryptocurrency-focused cyber attacks back to 2017 based on current knowledge. After that point, he said, “success begets success.”

Erin Plante, senior director of investigations at blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, referred to the Axie Infinity attack as the largest cryptocurrency hack ever.
Additionally, she said Chainalysis, which investigated the heist for Sky Mavis, has noticed a recent uptick in the scale of cryptocurrency attacks conducted by North Korea.

“We’ve been investigating DPRK-linked cryptocurrency hacks since 2017. And so while hacking is nothing new, we have seen an increase in the scale and sophistication of attacks recently,” she said.

Depending on the guild, this may be paid immediately or on set dates – like a payroll – throughout the month.

  1. SLP transferred from the guild to the scholar’s wallet
  2. Ethereum (ETH), relative to the earned SLP, is transferred to the scholar’s wallet
  3. The cash equivalent of the SLP is transferred to the scholar’s bank account

What to look out for when choosing a guild

A job interview is not just about an employer interviewing an employee; it goes both ways. It’s similar with guilds. As a prospective scholar, it’s wise to do your due diligence and to make a decision that’s going to be smart for you.

It’s still too hard to get started with NFT games. Sky Mavis has built Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain to scale Axie Infinity and other digital nations moving forward.

The company has also started hiring traditional game developers to make the game more fun.

The company also plans to scale play-to-learn. As an NFT game grows its community, advertisers and sponsors will start injecting capital into these ecosystems, making them even more attractive to gamers, the company said.

This means that NFT games will benefit from network effects in a way that games have never been able to before. The company believes that NFTs with utility and fun baked into them are an inevitable part of the future.

Sky Mavis wants to build more fun experiences on top of Axie by upgrading its battle system, and it is also creating a new game mode via the land system.

NFTs were the most searched for on Google, a search engine owned by Alphabet IncGOOGGOOGL.

Here are the top ten most searched NFTs in average monthly searches globally.

Axie Infinity: 3,860,000

The Sandbox: 553,000

NBA Top Shot: 477,000

Sorare: 417,000

Decentraland: 201,000

Rarible: 192,000

CryptoKitties: 111,000

Gods Unchained: 111,000

CryptoPunks: 96,000

Bored Ape Yacht Club: 59,000

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Why It’s Important: Axie Infinity is the most traded NFT collection of all-time, passing the $4 billion sales volume milestone in early 2022.

Le jeu fonctionne sur des cartes à jouer numériques NFT un peu comme du vrai football fantastique.

Les cartes sont également sous licence officielle et représentent d’autres joueurs de football réels pour une saison particulière. Les cartes sont également disponibles à différents niveaux de rareté, à savoir uniques, super rares et tout simplement rares.

“Dieux déchaînés”

Un autre jeu de blockchain où les joueurs peuvent gagner de la crypto.
Le jeu est dirigé par l’ancien directeur de jeu du classique ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ connu sous le nom de Chris Clay. Pour les fans du jeu légendaire, ce jeu basé sur Ethereum permet aux joueurs de collecter des cartes numériques et de se battre avec d’autres joueurs.

La société a obtenu 2.4 millions de dollars d’un certain nombre d’investisseurs.

There’s also Cryptopunk #9373 which sold for 499.99 ether on Saturday or roughly $1.63 million using ethereum (ETH) exchange rates at the time of sale.

Cryptopunk #2310 sold for 380 ETH or $1.23 million, Cryptopunk #9100 sold for 350 ether or $1.14 million, and Cryptopunk #7674 sold for 342.69 ether or $1.11 million on Saturday afternoon (ET).

According to market stats, Cryptopunk is just below Artblocks this week in terms of sales. While Artblocks saw 24,454 sales which add up to $228 million, seven-day statistics show Cryptopunk saw only 686 sales but also saw $173 million settled.

One Entity Owns 254 Cryptopunks, NBA Top Shot Sales Taps $671 Million

There are 10,000 Cryptopunks minted and today, 2,888 unique wallets hold at least one Cryptopunk NFT.
One entity owns a total of 254 punks and 75% of punk owners own at least two Cryptopunks.

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Nonfungible token (NFT) games generated $2.32 billion in revenue in the third quarter, according to data compiled in the annual report by the Blockchain Game Alliance.

That was roughly 22% of all NFT trading volume industry-wide in the quarter as blockchain games gathered steam.

The BGA is an advocate for NFTs games, which use the transparency and security of the digital ledger of blockchain to authenticate unique digital items and enable new business models for games such as digital collectibles.

The report is based on a survey of members among the 300 companies from 56 countries that are part of the BGA. Of those 300, 198 joined in 2021, marking a membership growth of 186% from 2020.

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