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nurse nft

A Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is a digital contract representing ownership of digital media like art, music, videos, memes and even real-world objects like designer sneakers and real estate. Non-fungible basically means unique. Something like a dollar bill is fungible because if you trade a dollar bill for another dollar bill, you end up with the same thing.

Each NFT has a unique code or address that exists on the blockchain, an online digital ledger or database that records transactions. Think of this as a digital certificate of ownership. If you buy the image of a Bored Ape or a video clip from NBA Top Shots, each carries with it a unique code indicating it’s yours. You access your NFT through a private key which links to the blockchain and indicates proof of ownership.

Nurse nft

What is the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens? A fungible token can be replaced, while a non-fungible token or NFT cannot. For example, if you trade one bitcoin for another bitcoin, you still end up with one bitcoin of the same value. But a one-of-a-kind NFT representing digital art or physical real estate can’t be exchanged for the same thing.

Bitcoin and NFTs both exist on blockchains, or digital databases that record and verify transactions. A major difference between a bitcoin and an NFT is the information that these store on the blockchain. Fungible cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin store value.

Non-fungible tokens store data like a deed of ownership to a work of art. In the physical world, a particular house is one-of-a-kind. A deed to its ownership can’t be duplicated. The same can be said for the coding and information stored within an NFT on the blockchain.

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This takes away some of the “uniqueness” concept, however. You and 99 other people can own an NFT of the same clip, even though each carries a unique address on the blockchain that binds it to different wallets and owners. Theoretically, this can drive down the value of a particular NFT since more than one person owns the same clip.

NFT Video games

In 2021 the online game CryptoKitties became immensely popular among crypto enthusiasts.
The game allows players to buy, sell and “breed” unique NFTs of digital kittens. For ’90s babies, this may conjure up memories of Pokemon, Tamagochi and GigaPets. But you probably never bought a Pokemon for $1.1 million. That’s approximately what the CryptoKittie Founder #40 sold for in 2021.

However, the mainstream gaming world is just testing the waters of NFTs.

Sometimes that’s a good thing, like when the moonbird you bought at $7,600 grows a hundred times overnight. Sometimes it’s bad, like when the NFT you bought for $2.9 million can’t get a bid over $14,000.”

And like anything financial, NFTs aren’t immune to scams such as phishing operations. These cases involve hackers tricking people into giving up their crypto wallet keys or seed phrases.

They then use this information to steal the wallet’s content including NFTs.

NFT scams

In February 2022, hackers launched a phishing scheme and stole more than $1.7 million dollars worth of NFTs from users on OpenSea, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces.

Newgrounds, a pre-YouTube-era video site, in 2004. The “Numa Numa” video, as it came to be known, became a major online meme.

The ‘Honey Badger’ creator joins the growing viral-video-to-NFT pipeline

The creators of the “Numa Numa” and “Honey Badger” videos are part of a large swath of content creators who have already sold their videos as NFTs.

Creators like the family behind the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video and Chris Torres, creator of the “Nyan Cat” gif, have each made more than half a million dollars — over $760,000 and $590,000, respectively.

The “Doge” meme, a photo of a Shiba Inu that became one of the biggest memes of the last decade, earned a record-breaking $4 million in its sale as an NFT.


Gordon, the “Honey Badger” creator, told Insider that he intended to remove the video from YouTube to give the NFT more value after the final sale.

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Are NFTs a good investment?

Some experts believe NFTs aren’t great investments. “Do not treat it as an investment” warns James Wang, head of tokens at Amun, a cryptocurrency issuer. “Treat it as speculation. Don’t bet the barn on a single NFT or collection. Follow different projects so you’ll have a chance to learn and iterate.”

But speculation isn’t the only risk you’ll encounter in the NFT universe.

NFT Risks

First of all, NFTs technically aren’t an asset class. They’re a form of blockchain technology that represents ownership of something such as an image or a video or clothing.
Think of the NFT itself as a digital deed of ownership that declares you own that cartoon monkey.

So you really need to understand the value of what the NFT is tied to.


Martha Stewart, who once appeared on Forbes’ lists of the 100 greatest business minds, the world’s most powerful women and the 400 richest Americans, is now selling NFT portraits of herself in Halloween costumes, marking another unexpected expansion to the home guru’s empire and unpredictable reputation.

Key Facts

Non-fungible tokens featuring Stewart, a sometime collaborator of Snoop Dogg, dressed as a black widow, a haunted horse rider, a Roy Lichtenstein-style pop-art piece and a bloody “naughty nurse” — all costumes the 80-year-old has worn on Halloweens past — are available for auction through her new online shop FRESH Mint.

Stewart said on Instagram this is just the first of many NFT collections she plans to release.

The “nonfungible” component of NFTs is what gives them their value. Consider Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night.” Anyone can buy a print at a gift shop, but only the Museum of Modern Art owns the painting Van Gogh created, and no other asset can entirely replicate the original canvas. That also defines an NFT: a one-of-a-kind asset.

Examples of top-selling NFTs

In addition to works by Beeple and the CryptoPunks series, these are some other high-priced pieces:

  • “The EverLasting Beautiful,” FEWOCiOUS | $550,000
  • “Genesis,” Trevor Jones and Jose Delbo | $111,377
  • “Finite,” Pak | $847,467
  • “Heir to the Throne: An NFT in Celebration of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt 25th Anniversary by Derrick Adams” | $139,000

How are NFTs different from cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies used for transactions.

Victor has been alive about as long as artists are making art before they get to Christie’s,” Mr. Davis said.

Expand Your Cryptocurrency Vocabulary

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Bitcoin.A Bitcoin is a digital token that can be sent electronically from one user to another, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is also the name of the payment network on which this form of digital currency is stored and moved.

Coinbase.The first major cryptocurrency company to list its shares on a U.S.

stock exchange, Coinbase is a platform that allows people and companies to buy and sell various digital currencies, including Bitcoin, for a transaction fee.

DAOs.A decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, is an organizational structure built with blockchain technology that is often described as a crypto co-op.

The main objective of this agreement was to hire people from the HUB. Alex Bardhoshi for the position of General Manager, Orjona Collaku as the Executive Assistant for social media and Kostanca Ngjele as the Video Content Creator.

A workshop was also organised by Korca HUB, where Mr. Kamal Mohammad described the NFT industry and its components.
His presentation was focused on the industry trends and the challenges that most newcomers face as they start their journey in the market.

Mr. Kamal Mohammad is exceedingly positive about The NFT University and his future goals of enabling the first NFT training in Korca with the cooperation of Korca HUB.

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