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Additionally, You Lose All Your Sh*t, Dude, this Joe Rogan film clip collection reintroduces America’s favorite controversy machine. This is the pure comic he truly is. Furthermore, each NFT in the collection consists of 2 items bundled together: a video of one of the newly created scenes + a uniquely designed cover-art piece.

“With this specialized NFT collection, not only can you add ‘film-owner’ to your bio. Also, owners will also get first-look access to the next drop in the collection series. There are 7 vintage film clips to collect,” said E Media Labs co-founder, e.Grey. “Plus, Vintage Rogan owners will get an all-access membership. This is to the future of Sam’s House Comedy Club.

Rogan nft

In short, they are cryptographic tokens that define an asset uniquely. They can represent an image, but they can also track real-world products, such as a car, a house, or a song.

Many have also used their popularity to raise money for charity. An example is the NFT-dedicated platform SuperRare hosted.
It launched a digital art collection of Freddie Mercury’s life and career and vowed to distribute the funds to the Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT) – a charity organization that fights HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Speaking of prominent names, it is worth noting that celebrities such as Eminem, Tom Brady, Lindsay Lohan, and many more also launched their own collections.

In line with what was happening in the space, the NFT trading volumes reached all-time high records in August, exceeding $500 million for a single day at the end of the month.

Joe rogan nft

Watts said, “So basically, I’ve made a little video of me, 30-second video of me, running around a park or something like that. If I want to make that non-fungible, then I mint it. And by minting, use a minting service like Foundation or Zora or there’s many others, you get a crypto wallet and you get the crypto wallet set up and you put money in it.
It’s converted into the crypto of your choice. So let’s say ETH, which is very popular. Ethereum.”

Rogan interjected, “What? That’s a very popular crypto.” He turned to Vernon and asked, “Have you heard of that. … F****** nerds, both of you.” Watts then showed Rogan some NFTs he had created:

See the top left, that’s the Looking Glass holographic display. And so that device, we made an NFT, me and my friend Panther Modern … He made the 3D motion graphics on the TVs and designed all of that stuff.

Joe rogan nft podcast

Timothy Clary/AFP via Getty A person looks at a piece by Hoxxoh during a press preview on March 25, 2021 of the grand opening of Superchief Gallery NFT, a physical gallery dedicated exclusively to NFT (non-fungible tokens) artwork in New York.

Joe Rogan joined many other people in trying to figure out what NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are, after comedian and musician Reggie Watts brought up the popular digital art trend during a recent episode of the JRE podcast.

After Watts talked about going to an NFT installation, Rogan said, “Hold it please. Explain NFTs to people who don’t know what you’re talking about. Because I don’t know what you’re talking about. I do, but I don’t.
I know it’s a non-fungible token, but I don’t really know what that means.”

Watts joked, “Well it’s just not very fungible.

Joe rogan nft gift

Joe Rogan n’est pas intéressé par les NFT, les appelle une «agitation de cryptomonnaie», ce qui n’a aucun sens.

Le commentateur sportif, comédien et animateur de podcast populaire Joe Rogan a admis qu’il n’était pas intéressé par les tokens non fongibles(NFT). Pour lui, leur concept est difficile à comprendre, et il les a appelés une « agitation de cryptomonnaie. ».

« Cela n’a aucun sens pour moi »

Le commentateur populaire de MMA et de l’UFC Joe Rogan ne voit pas comment les tokens non fongibles sont devenus une telle tendance actuelle. Lors d’un podcast récent, l’animateur américain a rejeté l’option d’acheter un token non fongible.

Il est allé plus loin, déclarant que les tokens non fongibles représentent un obstacle dans l’espace des cryptomonnaies:

« C’est une agitation bizarre.

Seth rogen nft

Elle a lancé une collection d’art numérique consacrée à la vie et la carrière de Freddie Mercury et s’est engagée à distribuer les fonds au Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT) – une organisation caritative qui lutte contre le VIH/SIDA dans le monde entier.

En parlant de noms éminents, il convient de noter que des célébrités telles qu’Eminem, Tom Brady, Lindsay Lohan et bien d’autres ont également lancé leurs propres collections.

Conformément à ce qui se passait dans l’espace, les volumes de transactions du NFT ont atteint des records historiques en août, dépassant les 500 millions de dollars pour une seule journée à la fin du mois.

Joe rogan nft value

Each NFT in the collection consists of 2 items bundled together: a video of one of newly created scenes + a uniquely designed cover-art piece. 101 uniquely stylized cover-art pieces are paired with each new clip — making a collection of 707 limited-edition NFTs.

With this first-of-its-kind collection, created by the team who created the original filmed material, E Media Labs is offering a piece of film history to the public — in the form of NFTs — to buy, trade, collect, flex or exploit. Each limited-edition NFT confers ownership and usage rights — so the exclusive group of Vintage Rogan owners are free to use their NFT for personal and commercial purposes.

“With this specialized NFT collection, not only can you add ‘film-owner’ to your bio, owners will also get first-look access to the next drop in the collection series.

Joe rogan net worth

I was talking to one of my partners that wanted to work with me. He’s from Puerto Rico and we came up with a bunny and the cat.

Then I came up with the name PsychoKitties, which was going to be PsychoPussies — but that wasn’t allowed. But I finally got PsychoKitties approved. It sounded catchy, so I went with it — and it was a hit.

The story is about time travel, since I am a traveler at heart — and when I get to see other places in the world, it makes me a better artist.

The PsychoKitties find the answer to this quantum leap of discovery through culture and psychedelics.

Your Instagram bio reads, “I don’t do psychedelics, I am psychedelics.” Please explain your relationship with psychedelics and how you got into psychedelic art.

The psychedelic side of my mind is naturally created through my imagination. I see faces and eyes in every form.

Beeple rogan nft NFT spoke with the nomadic artist about his creative journey, his upbringing and his inspiration for “PsychoKitties” — as well as Rogan and his understanding of NFTs.

Read the interview below and visit the drop page to purchase a PsychoKitty.

Tell us about your upbringing and how it’s affected your work.

Many of my family members are naturally artistic, so I grew up on it — and I was inspired by them and by situations in my life. My upbringing as a kid was often confusing, because I grew up without a father and was constantly uprooted. I lived in Mexico for two years, and was bullied because I was an American.

Even then, art was and always has been my solace.

I am self-taught and have always gravitated towards art as a way to cope with life. As a kid, I often drew monsters and creatures that scared me.

Marshall rogan nft

Rogan owners will get an all-access membership to the future Sam’s House Comedy Club. We expect it to be the wildest comedy joint in the metaverse.”

E Media Labs was formed to re-introduce vintage film footage to a new generation, in a new way. Instead of going the traditional route of licensing these legendary film clips to distributors, they decided to offer ownership and usage rights directly to fans and collectors through the innovation of NFTs.

Co-founder, j.Blockchain, previously with Athena Bitcoin, has consulted with multiple Blockchain and crypto projects over the last 5 years and draws inspiration from intellectual property thought leaders like Professor Andrew Hinkes, Olta Andoni, Chris Williams, Justin Steffen, Nelson Rosario, among others, with whom she’s collaborated over the years in some form or another.

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